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About Me

One Fine Day photography x Minhee Kim-Kruchten

Hi, there!

My name is Minhee. I am very open to experiences and adventures. I love traveling and living in different countries. I grew up in South Korea and lived in Australia and the Czech Republic; I moved here to WI, the U.S. where my husband was born and grew up.

I am a professional photographer based in Madison, WI, and used to be in Prague, Czech Republic. Working in Prague as a professional photographer was a great opportunity that I was able to work with diverse people who traveled from many different countries and captured their special moments in their lives. If you are searching for engagement, wedding, family, high school seniors, event, or couple love photoshoots, feel free to contact me! I promise you will get vivid stunning pictures that reflect your soul and mood. I love capturing candid moments in time but I am confident in guiding my subjects for posed shots as well. I try to set my subjects up to feel comfortable in the scene while making minor but important posing adjustments so they look their best, this way they look as natural and as “un-posed” as possible.

Things I love:

Nature—sunset, the sun rising, motions of the wind, snowing, and sound of birds chirping, raining—, emotions of loving, happiness, cherishing and joy, travel, reading mystery books, cooking, baking, yoga, coffee, and my family.

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